What’s So Significant About A New Version Of The Google Android Application?


As the release date of the new version of Android in mobile phones is approaching, many rumors have started to spread about it.

Android Mobile Software:

According to the details available at the moment, this version of Android Application will be called Android Q. This will be the tenth version of Android mobile software. More details are expected in the next few weeks.

The most important thing in this new version of Google Android Application is to find Dark Mode. It should be noted that as a result of the blue light emitted from the phone, the retinal cells found inside the eyes begin to die. Excessive use can also lead to complete blindness. Even in the dark, the use of mobile phones causes more damage.

IPhone and iPad Applications:

According to researchers, the blue rays emitted from mobile phones are becoming a major cause of vision loss with age. That’s why Apple has already introduced the yellow light or night mode feature in its iPhone and iPad. The next change in the Android system after Apple will be Dark Mode, a mobile setting in which all the applications will be adapted to light in dark, black, and gray colors. As a result of this feature, mobile eyes will be less affected than before.

It should be noted that as a result of this setting, all third party applications will also start opening in a black or gray background instead of a white background. This way it will be easier to use the mobile phone in the dark at night or in low light and the light load on the eyes will not be too much. One of the key features of Android Cue is the single button option for screenshots.

How to Improve Mobile Applications:

According to more information, this version is likely to improve a few things related to the privacy of mobile users, the most important feature being found that the location of the mobile user within any application during use or GPS settings can be turned off. Simply put, no longer will an application or its creators know where you are at any given time, because in the year 2019, mobiles with the foldable screen are also coming. For this reason, an important feature of Android Q will be multi-resume.

Drawback of Android Applications:

Under this feature, the mobile whose screen is divided into two parts. (Split-screen) In these mobiles, two applications can be opened simultaneously, and they can also be used simultaneously. The biggest drawback of Android application in the eyes of the critics of the Android system is that its new updates can only be done on some mobiles. Older mobiles are not capable of these updates.

Android system maker Google has made a special effort to limit each new update to a few modern models. For example, the total number of users using the latest version of Android Orio worldwide is currently 21.5%. Users using Android Nuggets are 28%, and older versions of Marshmallow are using 21.3%. The only reason for this distribution is the policy of Android developers, under which each new Android version and its update is limited to only a few new mobile models.


Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Kit Kat and even every version of the Android mobile software ¬†Applications has food and drink names, so the same is being thought about the Android Q, which is a food or chocolate product from Q. Toffee will be the name. Speculation about it continues on various websites. A large number of consumers believe that the next Android system will be named after an old British chocolate company ‘Quality Street’.

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