The Latest Calculator Includes Smartphone-Like Graphics Apps


Unless there is some tension, Texas equipment may be ready to eat Cosio’s dust. The consumer electronics company later released a graphing calculator with just a beautiful color screen and a suite of apps, which has long helped bring mainstream math gadgets into the 21st century. We definitely want this tool to be available during the days of our graphing calculator.

Create Graphics:

The FX-CG10 / 20 brings a colorful, high-resolution screen to the world of high math. It allows user graphs in seven colors, and it displays 65,000 colors for some apps. You can also create graphics on photographic images using an “extra” app called Photo Plate.

The calculator has the data connection capability to hook up his computer, and it runs on a rechargeable battery, which means that no one else is running on the store for AAA at the beginning of CEA Is.

It’s an idea that looks like the home screen of a calculator:

And here’s how it leads the audience with popular models of Texas equipment, which is currently the gold standard for graphic calculators. As impressive as the capabilities of the Casio calculator are, we wonder if this company will be able to upset the balance of the graphing calculator industry. Nonetheless, Texas Equipment’s welcomes brand recognition and brand. Who knows This Company is working on its own full-color calculator.

We will review the FX-CG10 / 20. Stay tuned for our hands-on demo. What is the first impression of this calculator? Do you think this can be of much interest to its students? Can you look professional using this tool? We welcome your feedback in the comments.

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