The Best and Essential Applications for Android Mobile Users.

1: Live Net TV:

Channels from all over the world along with almost all the essential channels of Pakistan are included in this application. Free application. Not available on the Play Store.

2: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

People who do not have much time to exercise their health do not have the space to exercise and do not have the necessary equipment to exercise. So use this application. Hopefully, in a few days, you will find yourself in better health. All the steps in it can be completed without any special machine.

There are three basic levels.

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard

Each level is divided into two parts. Take full advantage of exercise, so do it at any time but the daily time should be one, and should be on an empty stomach. Remember that an empty stomach is probably the best time for this in the morning, but whatever time you feel better.

3: Blackmart:

A Play Store-style store, where premium applications and games can be installed for free. Here is a separate category for premium applications. Where all the premium applications are with their Play Store price, but the price is only displayed. The rest of the download is free.

4: BSR:

Audio recording application. Audio will be recorded in the background. Keep up the good content.

5: Clip stack:

Any text that will be copied will be saved automatically. You can remove that post from the application later, and can also make a backup of all these posts. Also on Google Drive in your memory card.

6: Clipboard Actions:

The application has a very beautiful and user-friendly interface, which exactly follows the principles of Clip Stack.

But put it in second place because as soon as the application will install them. No matter how much data is saved, it will all be lost. It does not support backup.

7: Cram:

This allows the size of any photo to be reduced without compromising on quality.

8: Degoo:

100GB is a free backup application. You select your folders and this will create their first full backup. Later incremental backups will be created (backups that will only be backed up by modified or newly generated files).

9: Do It Later:

With this application, you can write any Facebook post or Twitter or any text message and put time and date on it. It will be posted at the same time, which you will spend time.

10: E-book Droid:

An excellent application for viewing PDF files and various documents, with various page viewing styles available. Portrait and landscape mode can be locked, pages can be split.

Alternative: Adobe Acrobat Reader

11: Es File Explorer Pro:

The best file manager in the world of Android, in which the file can be modified in a perfectly computerized manner. The file can be hidden, locked, changed, or even downloaded.

Go deeper, then the file can be shared or sent to the server file. The purpose is a complete file manager application. Its free version is getting worse with the update, but the Pro version can be downloaded by searching on Google, which is a great alternative.

12: Flynx:

Basically a browser, but it’s a floating browser. On Facebook we often see links. If you open them, loading takes a long time. But if they are opened through the Flanks browser, it becomes a messenger-style bubble. In which the link opens in the background. In the meantime, you can surf.

13: Insta Saver:

There’s no way to save photos or videos on Instagram, but copy the link to that photo or video from there. So Insta Saver application automatically saves it.

14: Journey:

Writing is a blessing for those who are interested in writing. Write your notes which can be saved by linking to your Google account. And can be accessed from anywhere,

Passwords can also be applied to the application. Your written documents can also be converted to PDF.

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