The Advantage Of The Graphic Design Process


There are graphic design process steps to follow, which will help you get the best results. When you get new projects, instead of jumping on the bandwagon, you can do the research yourself on time and energy first, and understand what your client needs.

After that, you can finally start your content. It will start with a simple outline and mental endurance, after which many approvals on the design are approved.

Gathering information:

Before you start a project, you need to know, what your client needs. Gathering information as quickly as possible is the first step in the graphic design process. When approached for a job, set up a meeting and ask a series of questions about the scope of the job.

Create An Outline:

Using the information gathered in your meeting, you will be able to develop a vision of the content and purpose of the project. For a website, including all the important sections and content for each. Also, add dimensions and technical specifications with print or web work.

Introduce this client to your client and ask for any changes. Once you have reached such an agreement, the pieces of which will appear and the details of the project have been approved. You can move on to the next step.

Benefit From Your Creation!

The design should be creative! It took some time to think of a creative solution for this project. You can use the example of the client’s favorite work, what they like and do not like. But your goal should be to come up with new and different things, which will easily separate them.

Screen And Wireframe:

Before moving to a software program such as Illustrator or InDesign, it helps to create a few simple outlines of the one-piece configuration. You can show your client your basic ideas without spending too much time designing.

Find out if you offer a quick outline of logo concepts, then you are moving in the right direction. The layout line drawings are showing where the elements on the page will go, or even a quick handmade version of a package design. For web design, wireframes are a great way to get started with your page layout.

Multiple Version Design:

Now that you’ve done your research, finalized your content, and approved some sketches, you can move on to the actual design stage. While you can knock out the final design in one shot, it’s usually a good idea to offer your client a minimal version of the design. This gives them some options and allows you to combine your favorite elements with each one.

Often you can agree, how many unique versions are included in the work when writing and discussing your presentation. Too many options will lead to too much unnecessary work and can eliminate the client, which can frustrate you in the end. It’s best to limit two or three unique designs.


To maintain this version or ideas, make sure you are not present at this time (including those you like). You never know when they will come to work and may be useful for future plans.


Be sure to get to know your clients who encourage you to promote “design and similarity”. They can choose the background color on one design and the font selection on the other.

From these tips, you can offer another round of design. Don’t agree to give your opinion on what is better. After all, you are a designer. After this second round, it doesn’t take a few rounds to make these extraordinary changes before reaching the final design.

Stay On Stage:

When following these steps, be sure to finish each one before moving on to the next one. If you do solid research, you know you can create an accurate outline. With an accurate approach, you have the information you need to leave some ideas. With the approval of these ideas, you can move on to creating the original design, which, once revised, will be your last piece.

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