Live and work with Mobile Phones where others go on vacation

Live and work with Mobile Phones where others go on vacation

For many people, living and working in a motor home is unimaginable. The space is cramped, so you should get on really well with possible roommates. But real estate prices and the cost of living have skyrocketed these days that it is worthwhile to consider looking for alternative living and working environments in order to reduce costs or save for retirement.

From houseboats to tree houses, there are a multitude of ways in which people can minimize their cost of living and use the higher financial resources available for their leisure activities and lifelong dreams. And you don’t necessarily have to do without luxury, depending on how everyone defines “luxury” for themselves.

A popular alternative way of living is to live and work in an RV. For many people, especially single people, a mobile home or camper is an attractive alternative for several reasons. They are much cheaper than a house or an apartment, there is much less clutter – which nobody really needs.

Change of location whenever you like and be even more mobile and flexible in the mobile world. Not being tied to a permanent place of residence, waking up in a different place every day and working regardless of location – life in a motorhome offers free spirits and adventurers in particular numerous attractions.

Many annoying parts of everyday life are eliminated. Work and leisure are merging more and more. The number of single households has increased massively since the 1990s. According to the Federal Office, there were around 17.3 million people in 2018 who lived in a single-person household.

Working in the mobile home

One of the many wonders of modern life is the ease and breadth of connectivity. This means that many computerized tasks can be performed from anywhere in the world. All that the modern office person needs today is a healthy Wi-Fi connection, a laptop and an electrical outlet.

According to a study by the Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation, 43 percent of those working with Internet access currently work at least occasionally in the home office.

The freedom to explore the world can be a great inspiration for any writer or content creator of any kind. One of the greatest perks for writers is the ability to work on their own schedule to maximize the times they feel most creative. Anyone who works in sales probably spends a large part of the day in the car anyway. It is always a bonus for sellers to always have their domicile with them, in which one has all the comforts of home.

Photographers can find inspiration in all kinds of places. By taking pictures across the length and breadth of the country, they can diversify their portfolio and easily network with clients. The opportunity to travel from job to job without having to worry about paying for accommodation, can be a real plus for both employers and employees.

Anyone who has had to move once or several times for job-related reasons will appreciate the advantages of a mobile dormitory.

What to do with the mobile?

There are no laws that prohibit living in a motorhome all day. As long as it has TÜV, is insured and is parked in a permitted location. Most cities around the world offer parking spaces for campers, campsites advertise cheap parking spaces for long-term campers and such a mobile home may also be on private land with permission. Different rules sometimes apply in other countries, which is why you should find out more about this beforehand.

Wild camping is prohibited in almost all countries. Otherwise, you should find an alternative home address with family or friends so that you can still be reached by post.

Try it before you buy it

To be independent and to spend time in nature – that appeals to many vacationers. Camping has had its fourth record year in a row and has long since lost its image of cheap holidays, and comfort is increasing on campsites. Bed instead of sleeping mat, kitchen instead of gas stove, electricity instead of flashlights.

According to the Caravaning Trade Association, the high demand for new and used motor homes and caravans has now brought the dealers the seventh record year in a row.

So-called Business Bullis can now also be rented, with which employees can comfortably drive from business appointments to trade fairs, to customers and at the same time spend the night and work in a relaxed manner.


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