Introduction to Penta, a Free Pixel-Based Graphics App Editor for Mac


Penta is a free pixel-based image editor for Mac OS X. One of the most interesting aspects of Penta is that it paints the Windows Photo Editor. Based on. NET. The developer of Penta actually describes it as a clone of Paint.NET, so any Windows users familiar with this application can find it ideally for their needs on OS X.

Highlights of the Penta:

Some of the key features of the Penta include:

  • A clear and straightforward user interface
  • Support for multiple layers with transparency options
  • Good selection of tools
  • Features simple image enhancement to enhance your digital photos
  • A small range of image effects to allow instant effect creative results
  • Lots of learning tips for Paint.NET users

Why Use Penta?

The most obvious reason to use Penta would be for Paint .NET users migrating to Mac, but still want to use the editor they are familiar with. One aspect of such animation is the apparent inactivity to open PDN files in the front strap. This means that local Paint .NET files cannot be worked on using that address. Uses Open Reset Format (.ORA) to save paint files with layers.

The way this application connects to Penta, it is not the most fully-featured image editor, but within these limits, it is a very effective tool for beginner to intermediate users.

Penta offers basic drawing tools, which you would expect from a photo editor, as well as a range of other advanced features, such as layers and image adjustment tools. These features mean that Penta is a satisfying tool for applications to allow users to edit and enhance their digital photos.

Penta Limits:

One of the features of Penta is that it has been discovered that some Penta net users will smile. These methods can offer some interesting ways to mix layers creatively, and they are definitely a feature that we regularly use in our favorite image editors.

System Requirements:

To run Penta, you need to download Mono, an open-source development platform based on the Network Framework. Paint itself on Windows .NET is already required to run. It is over 70MB which still cannot be limited to a dial-up internet connection for any users. However, the relatively slow download speed from the server means that it can take up to 20 minutes to download, even with a broadband connection.

Regarding which version of OS X the pin will run on, we were unable to find any information on the POTA website. So just be sure that it will run on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Support And Training:

This is an aspect of Penta that is very weak at the time of writing. There is a help menu, but it only links you to the official Penta website, which includes the most cursory information on the FAQ page. It is possible that you will find some help in the Paint .NET forums. Because this application is very close. Otherwise, only the optional options are based on experience and looking for your own answers to any issues, which you can discover or try to contact the developer.

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