Graphic Design Uses These Basic Elements


Any graphic work contains one or more graphic design elements. Design elements should not be confused with design principles, such as balance, focal point, and how to use white space; Rather, design elements are components of a design such as colors, types, and images.

Here is a list of the most commonly used elements in graphic design. You do not need to include them all in any work. The use of lines and shapes in a design can provide great balance without the use of any image, for example.


Lines are used to dividing the space, make the eye straight and form. At the most basic level, straight lines are found in separate content, such as magazines, newspapers, and website designs. It can, of course, be further advanced, with curved, dotted and zigzag lines fixed on a page and used as a basis for reflective and graphics. Lines are often combined with top or bottom type, and they cannot extend the entire width of the text.

Often, the lines will be inspected, meaning that other elements of the design will follow the line path, such as the curve.

The Color:

The color is ubiquitous and so wide, that it looks like a complex decision based on either a designer’s choice. This is partly because color describes such emotions, and can be applied to any other element. It has to change dramatically. It can be used to display text attached to a website, to convey information or to emphasize a point, to make this image stand out.

Graphic designers will be able to understand the theory of color, which includes the color wheel, something we have seen in school with our basic red, yellow and blue and the relationship with each other. But color is more complex than mixed colors: it includes color properties such as hue, shade, tone, tint, saturation, and understanding of value. There are also different color models: CMYK (called a hazardous model) and RGB, an additional model.


Kind of is all around us. In graphic design, the goal is not just to have some text on the page but to understand and use it for communication instead. Choice of fonts (type spaces), size, alignment, color, and all other games come into play. The typing phase is usually broken down into YP families, such as Roman or Heliotica.

More can be taken using the size and type to create images. The type can communicate in a mood (warm, cold, happy, sad) or behave in a style (modern, classic, feminine, aforementioned).

The kind of self-understanding is a complete art; In fact, some developers dedicate themselves to designing the type, or font. These types of terms require expert knowledge, such as caring (spacing between characters), leading (spacing between lines), and tracking (total space between types on the page). Also, this type requires anatomy, which needs to be understood in order to design effectively with fonts.

Art, illustration, and photography:

A powerful image can design or break. Images, illustrations and artwork are used to tell stories, tell supportive ideas, promote emotions and capture the audience’s attention. Images often play a big part in branding, so the choice is important.

Some graphic designers make this work on their own. A designer can also lower the artist or photographer, or buy at the price level on many websites.


Textures can see the actual surface of a design or the visual appearance of a design. In the first case, the audience can actually feel the structure. Make the design unique from other elements. The choice of paper and materials in the package design can affect the actual texture. In the second case, the source of the structure is textured. Rich, layered graphics can create visual textures that mirror the original texture.


Texture can apply another element to a design. This text can be 3-D, flowing, hungry, or bushy; this glass can jump out as smooth as a mountain range or create an image. In fact, texture is always present in any graphic design because everything is surface.

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