Fascination with computer games

Fascination with computer games

The game has always had a high social and cultural value. According to the latest surveys, almost every second German (46%) plays computer games. In light of this, it is not surprising that the computer game industry is booming and has long since become a billion-dollar business. But what is it that makes digital games so fascinating? What is the attraction of virtual game worlds?

Regardless of gender or age

Computer and video games are much more than just another hobby. As a medium of identification, they have become an important area of ​​experience and communication, especially for adolescents. But at the same time they are always critical in the social discussion: For example, adolescents and young adults in particular are concerned with computer game addiction and violent games and their negative effects.

At the latest with the advent of so-called “casual games”, which enable an easily accessible gaming experience and thus primarily appeal to casual gamers, more and more women and older people, who barely appeared in the statistics of market research companies a few years ago, are also exploring virtual game worlds. Today the proportion of women is 47 percent, while the age group 50+ already makes up a quarter of the active player base.

To be able to influence the game

But what exactly is it that makes computer games so fascinating? A special feature that makes virtual games stand out from other media such as television is their interactivity. While you let yourself be “showered” by television and consequently take on a passive role, you can actively influence the game because of the interactivity of the computer games. In computer games, interactivity means first of all the possibility of significantly influencing the game processes on the screen through one’s own actions. This is where the origin of the interactive fun lies: The player can actively intervene in the game and thus feels right in the middle of the action.

Playing means community

More and more games can only be played via an existing internet connection. No gaming is possible without the Internet. An internet connection is also necessary because you have to communicate verbally or in writing during the game in order to be successful as a team. Games can be used to get to know people from all over the world better in the virtual game room and to make social contacts.

“People are only completely human when they play.” – Friedrich Schiller

Computer games as an economic and cultural asset

But digital games are also interesting from an economic point of view: The computer game industry is booming and has been the fastest growing branch in the entertainment industry for years. Due to innovative game ideas and the associated development of new target groups, immense economic power emanates from the games sector. As an independent form of media, computer games have not only become the engine of technical progress, but are also enjoying steadily growing popularity across all age and gender boundaries. The rapidly growing technology of our society makes it clear that with the spread of smartphones, (tablet) PCs, game consoles and the internet, people’s game and leisure culture has also changed forever.


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