Apps That Must Be In Your Mobile


Today is the age of mobile and at present there are not billions but billions of people who use the net more on mobile than computers. Like there are different software’s for computers. In the same way, apps for mobiles on different operating systems are developed accordingly. These apps are much lighter than computer-loaded software, but are more efficient and convenient with their specific temperament.

Apps are also free and for sale for more or less money, every new user when they first turn to the App Store, there are thousands and even countless free apps. Today I will tell you about five such free apps in the light of my experience. By installing them in End Ride phone, you will find it very useful and you will bless me.

Google Translate:

Google Translate is a translation app, as the name implies. This app is designed in a very simple way and the weight is almost negligible. With this app, you can get translations from fifty major languages ​​of the world, including Urdu. With a user friendly interface, this app can be very useful for you, as you can share your translation directly from there on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Skype or any social media platform.

MultiLing Keyboard:

There is hardly a better app available for writing Urdu everywhere in mobile. It is completely free. There are many more languages ​​in it when the app opens for the first time after installation. You can check all other languages ​​and leave only Urdu and English or whatever other language you want to keep. It has Punjabi and Pashto keyboard available. Disable all other and default keyboards after installation and just leave it on. Tap the space bar to select keyboard from one language to another.

Clipper – Clipboard Manager:

Most of the time we need to copy a link or text etc. In mobile, this task is not as easy as in desktop, but if you install this app, then your problem is over, after installing this app, tap on the text for a while to copy text etc. from anywhere. You will have the option to select. With this, you can easily select and copy the desired part. You can also copy content from many different places at the same time. Now, where to paste, place two scanned tapes on the blank space and click on the Paste option.


This is a very amazing app. If you install it, then no one will be unaware of you. That is, even if a person does not have an ad in your phone book, etc., in case of a call, the name of the caller and the country or city will appear written on your phone. According to my personal experience, this app reveals the names of 70% of the people.


This lightweight app is nothing short of magical. You install it, create any photo of anyone and choose any of the hundreds of awesome frames. This app will set your picture in this frame in such a way that you will be amazed.

Automatic Call Recorder:

This is a completely free app, as the name suggests it is capable of recording in-call conversations. Its biggest advantage is that it works completely automatically. That means you don’t have to turn the button on and off to record a call every time. It also keeps a complete record of the date and time of all your call recordings.

Fake Call & SMS:

It is also used for fake calls or SMS as the name suggests. Add any special number or name to this app after you install it. At this particular time you will receive a call or SMS from this name or number. The great thing about this is that you can even receive incoming fake calls. And they can give the impression of talking nonsense or even surprise someone by receiving a fake message with a custom message from someone at a certain working time.

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