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Mobile apps

In the era of smartphones and tablets, today everything revolves around mobile apps. Mobile apps contain application software for any mobile devices or mobile operating systems and enable quick access to data, which saves a lot of time, especially if we talk about the business world.

What are mobile applications?

The term “mobile application” is a synonym for mobile apps (short for: mobile applications). You can obtain these apps / applications from digital app shops and install them on mobile devices with operating systems.

Are all apps free?

There are also paid apps. However, you can also download many mobile apps for free. In some apps, you can make so-called “in-app purchases” with which you can purchase additional services or content.

How is an app downloaded?

You can buy or download apps from so-called digital app shops. It depends on the operating system of the device from which app shop you have to obtain the application. For a Google / Android system: “Play Store”; with an Apple / iOS system: “Apple Store”.

Sales and download of mobile apps

Most apps can be downloaded for free from platforms such as Google Play or the App Store. A selection is also chargeable. So-called “in-app purchases” can be made within some apps. These purchases can be used to purchase additional services or content in the app.

If we look at 2012 in terms of downloads, 64 million apps were downloaded worldwide. In the following year, the number of around 100 billion free and compulsory apps increased by 60 percent and the market continued to grow: In the last year 2019, 204 billion downloads were recorded by the app stores.

So it turns out that apps are very popular. In 2020, global sales are expected to be around 3.2 billion euros. The development is enormous. In 2019, mobile apps generated sales of 1.6 billion euros.

Apps from the communication and entertainment categories are right at the top of the popularity list. In February 2019, the Facebook app, the WhatsApp Messenger and the Netflix app were among the most popular apps. Amazon, EBay classifieds and the game Color Bump 3D were also found in the top 10.

The most popular categories are the games. Education, business and lifestyle follow, followed by entertainment, aids, travel, books and music.

In addition to free apps, as already mentioned, there are also apps that the user has to pay for. Most app users have already accepted a purchase for some of these applications. Amounts of two, five or ten euros are common. But there are also apps that more than exceed the price range.

For example, to buy BarMax, an app developed by Harvard University to prepare law students for their final exams, you have to pay 799.99 euros in the app store.

The concept of the already mentioned in-app purchases, in which the user makes purchases within the app in order to get additional content and services, is being used more and more by developers.

In summary, app downloads are more popular than ever and that will certainly not change anytime soon.

Advantages of SAP Mobile Apps in the company

SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. Everyday life in companies has long been shaped by smartphones and tablets. You can promote your company’s processes regardless of location with suitable SAP mobile apps . As a result, you benefit from more speed in the processes through apps. Employees have company-related applications at their fingertips and can use idle runs that were not used until then. B. arise from trips to the customer, use effectively.

In addition to process optimization, there are many other benefits that mobile apps can have on your business. These include the replacement of paper processes and better data quality due to real-time information.

Three key advantages at a glance

  1. Lower costs
  2. Higher speed
  3. Better quality

The areas of application for SAP Mobile Apps are diverse. Almost every area in the company can optimize processes with SAP Mobile Apps.

Implement SAP Mobile Apps

With SAP Mobile Apps there are various options for implementing the applications you need on mobile devices.
In our offer area you will find a selection of already designed app solutions with SAP Fiori. These can be easily integrated into your company.


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